Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Hike Tariff – Time to Embrace Long Term Recharge Plans?

As the news of Airtel and Vodafone raising their data and call prices broke out on November 18, the other telecom major in India, Reliance Jio, also decided to follow suit a day later.

After incurring a combined loss of nearly 74000 crore rupees in the recently concluded quarter, Airtel and Vodafone could come up with no other alternatives to combat the increased operating costs. To relieve a part of the financial strain, both the companies have decided to increase service charges which would directly impact the consumers. While Vodafone is set to enforce the new pricing structure from December 1, Airtel is yet to propose a specific date for the revised pricing to take effect.

Reliance Jio customers would also bear the brunt as the company has announced today that it is “contemplating” raising its service charges – for both call as well as data usages. While the exact hike percentage is yet to be made public, it is expected to be decided in consultation with the telecom regulatory body TRAI. This will be the second occasion within recent months that the Jio customers will be paying increased charges, after the company decided to impose “interconnection charges” in the month of October.

Meanwhile, the state run BSNL is said to be observing the evolving tariff scenario closely, but refused to divulge more about its forthcoming plans. Sources close to the PSU, however, are of the opinion that the company will employ a wait and see policy and react on the proposed raise once the private players announce the exact quantum of hike.

Long-term Recharge Plans

With the changing scenario and the uncertainty that prevails in the telecom sector, customers may find long-term recharge plans as a more pocket-friendly alternative – believes the industry insiders. Long-term plans are expected to gain some traction as the consumers would look for stability amidst the changing dynamics.

A clearer picture will emerge in another week or so, but for the time being, it can turn out to be a wise decision to recharge with a suitable long-term plan. Before concluding this news break, here are a selection of value-for-money packs to recharge your mobile account before the impending price hike comes into effect.

We’ve selected a few plans we believe are most cost-effective in the long run. The prices are as per the Karnataka region, please contact your customer care for your region specific plans.


  • 84 days: 479 (Unlimited calls with 1.6GB per day)
  • 180 days: 599 (Unlimited calls with 6GB)
  • 365 days: 999 (Unlimited calls with 12GB)
  • 365 day: 1699 (Unlimited calls with 1.5GB per day)


  • 90 days: 485 (250 minutes of calls and 2.5GB per day)
  • 180 days: 792 (Unlimited calls with 2GB per day)
  • 365 days: 1584 (Unlimited calls with 2GB per day)


  • 90 days: 509 (Unlimited calls with  1.4GB per day)
  • 168 days: 597 (Unlimited calls with 6GB data)
  • 365 days: 998 (Unlimited calls with 12GB data)
  • 365 days : 1699 (Unlimited calls with 1.4GB per day)

Reliance Jio

  • 91 days: 449 (Unlimited calls to Jio, other operators at 6p/minute with 1.5GB per day)
  • 365 days: 1699 (Unlimited calls to Jio, other operators at 6p/minute with 1.5GB per day)

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