12 Underrated Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health — You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. While you’re probably aware of the most common benefits of quitting smoking there are a few that aren’t so well known. Those benefits are the ones we’ll cover in this short article.

1. Warm – Even in the winters

Lots of people report that they feel warm even in the midst of winter. This is because when you quit smoking your blood circulation around your body improves. So this means that in addition to not stepping out in the freezing winters for a smoke you also won’t need to have the heater on at all times or roam around in multiple layers of clothing.

2. You sweat so much less

Nicotine present in the cigarette releases a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine which among other things also causes sweating. In addition, smoking also raises body temperature which further increases sweating.

Minus the cigarette’s and both the causes are gone.

3. People will respect you more

Most people are aware that quitting smoking is difficult and when they learn of your quit it is usually followed by praise and respect.

A word of advice to all reading this, smokers or non-smokers – if you come across someone trying to quit do congratulate and compliment him/her. This would give them a great morale boost motivating them to continue, especially with new quitters.

4. You recover from illness quicker

Smoking does a great deal of damage to your immune system that leaves you more susceptible to infections. So while you’re non-smoking friend recovers easily from a cold or a fever you might take longer due to your weekend immune system.

But not to worry, studies have shown that the human body begins to repair itself very quickly after you quit smoking.

Fun Fact: Your body starts repairing itself in just 20 minutes after the last cigarette.

When you stop smoking, even the first 20 minutes can make a difference to your health. A cessation of 20 minutes will bring back your pulse rate, blood pressure and body temperature to normal.

A gap of eight hours after your last smoke can make the nicotine content in your bloodstream fall to 6.25% of daily peak levels, amounting to a reduction of 93.75%. Another four hours and your blood oxygen levels increase to a normal level while your deadly carbon monoxide levels fall to way below normal.

Want to know more?

A whole 24 hours later, your anxieties will have reached their peak and within the next 15 days, you will return to almost normal levels. Another 24 hours later, if you have nerve endings that were damaged, they will begin to regrow and your senses of taste and smell will return to normal.

72 hours after your last smoke, you will be happy to know that your body is now 100% nicotine-free.  Your chemical withdrawal symptoms will have peaked, causing restlessness in you. By now, your breathing improves and your pulmonary functions are normal.

By the end of the first fortnight, the blood circulation in your teeth and gums are goes back to normal. At the end of the first month, symptoms such as sinus congestion and shortness of breath will have reduced.

By the end of the first three months, your risk for heart attack begins to fall. In women it improves fertility and reduces risk of premature birth.

5. Your clothes don’t smell of smoke

The smell of cigarette smoke on your clothes is so repulsive that it can be one good reason to kick the habit. Normally, smokers are aware of the fact that their breath and fingers smell of smoke but they don’t think the same about their clothes. However, it does stick on to your clothes and can be quite strong as most smoking rooms are tiny closed spaces with several people in it at the same time.

6. More space in your pocket

This might be a silly one but we think it still counts. Without the lighter and pack you will have more space in your pocket. And there’s more, you no longer have to worry about damaging your cigarettes when when the pack is half empty or about your lighter slipping out of your trouser pocket while you sit.

7. Vivid Dreams

To some this might be bad but nevertheless it is something a majority of quitter’s experience.

According to neurobiologists this is a part of the recovery process. You see, the neurotransmitter Serotonin is most responsible for dreams and smoking causes its levels in the brain to reduce sharply.

So, when you stop smoking, serotonin production improves organically and as a result, the brain begins to produce as much serotonin as it requires, causing you to experience vivid dreams.

Fun Fact: A Japanese company gave non-smoking employees an extra 6 days of vacation.

A Japanese company named Piala Inc. thought of a novel way of getting its staff to stop smoking. When a non-smoking staffer complained to the management that smoking breaks through the day was affecting productivity, the management sought to act on it. It decided that since their smoking staff take multiple breaks each day to have a smoke, its non-smoking staff would get an additional six days off each year to compensate for their breaks.

The management thought coercing staff to stop smoking wasn’t a good idea but making them do it willingly was better. And from reports we hear that these measures are working – Four of their employees have already given up the habit.

8. At least I’m not smoking

No matter how screwed up things are for you at the moment you can find comfort that you’re at least not smoking. There maybe things in your life that are beyond your control but staying a non-smoker is completely your decision. So stick to it and never ever doubt it.

9. Drink more without getting drunk

Many ex-smokers report that they’re able to drink more than their usual amount without being drunk. We weren’t able to find supporting evidence for this but it does seem to be a very common side-effect.

Is this advantage? We leave that up to you!

10. Regulates bowels

This doesn’t happen immediately, but after a while, you’ll notice this one too. In other words, it gets easier “to go”.

11. So much more time

Until now, you’ve been the perfect slave to smoking, but now that you are free, you’re going to save a lot of time. If you’re a pack a day smoker this could easily mean about an hour or two added to your day. So plan wisely and put this extra time to good use.

12. Freedom

We’ve saved the best for last and its a simple one — You’re free.

You are no longer at the mercy of those cancer sticks, no longer do you have to worry about cancer, no more panic attack at the slightest chest pains, no more planning your day around your smokes, no longer do you have to worry about smoking while flying, traveling or camping.

No more cigarettes — Enjoy your freedom!

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