15 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our humble abode of fun and helpful tips to make your life somewhat more…easy to go by.

The heading says it and so you are here for the weight reduction, and without any exercise. Certainly doable, and that’s what we’ll tell you about in this article. Moreover, it is easy, won’t cost you money and you can start right away.

1. Prepare Yourself

Now at this stage of your life, whoever you are, whatever you might be doing, if you are decisive enough to give this whole ‘weight losing tips from the internet’ a chance then allow me to be as friendly frank as possible — there will be times when you would just want to throw it all away because it’s hardly doing anything.

So, what do you do when it happens?

Remember why you started it all. These are just obstacles in your journey and you just need to focus on the larger goal. Accept who you are now and strive to be the person you want to be.

2. Regular self-motivation

What you should know next is another just a simple thing of keeping yourself in the line. Talk to yourself to stay with the plan.

Tell yourself into believing the plan, again and again. Daily or weekly or whenever you feel like it. This is not a 6 months diploma certification program that you are getting yourself into, that’s how you are going to live now.

So keep yourself on the track every time you feel you are stray away. If you could maintain this need to be in a healthy self control, that’s 90% work geared up for success.

3. The Mighty H20

Water! We begin our slow but steady plan with water. Most of the things that go inside our mouth in the name of hunger have nothing to do with the actual hunger! If you get yourself a satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinner on the appropriate times, that is it, your body does not NEED any more food than that.

So the next time you find yourself craving for that cake/burger that you weren’t even thinking about, one block earlier – remember that they are just knee-jerk intuition of your body – “I can chug that, hold my beer!”.

So keep water on you at all times, drink one full glass of water, see if that drowns down the need to fill yourself up. Usually, that does the trick.

4. The Magical Small Plate

If you are super hungry, you tend to over-stuff your plate with food, which you later hate yourself for. The is because you don’t like seeing empty space on your plate and so you pile on to make it full.

They say a perfect couple is the one that balances each other perfectly

Here’s a magic trick, take a smaller plate, every time you are hungry or super hungry, that should always make sure you never tow yourself out of the line.

Why does this happen?

This is an example of a visual illusion called Delboeuf illusion.

The 2 inner circles below have the same size.

But doesn’t the circle on the left seem bigger? That’s Delboeuf’s illusion at work.

This is what happens to us when we see less food on a bigger plate and so we over-stuff till the plate appears full. Our brain has many incredible capacities but every now and then it acts a bit silly, this is one of those times.

Off-topic: A similar trick is used by supermarkets to increase sales. An experiment found that when the shopping cart size was doubled consumers went on to buy 40% more than the usual.

5. Eat Slowly and cautiously

Eating slowly gives your guts enough time to send in the signals to your brain that it’s being filled so don’t make the guy crave up anymore.

Resist the temptation to stuff up and give you brain some time to process. When you do this a few times you will know how much food you can do with and stick to that amount always.

6. Drink Black Coffee or Tea

It has become almost like a necessity for most of us to start and maintain our day, with coffee or tea.

So here is a very small and simple advice, go for black coffee/tea, yes, without any sugar or cream or something. Trust me, that’s gonna cut off a huge army of bombarding trans fats and calories out of the blue.

7. Drinking is injurious to weight loss

Liquors, especially wines are just as much a part of an adult human life as ice creams are to kids, but kids have to ask permission for that, those unemployed money sucking goblins, whereas you, an adult person, don’t have to.

So who’s gonna watch the watchmen? Age old question.

Here’s a simple way to decode that, don’t!

Like most of other things in life, alcohol is okay when consumed moderately, but unless you are doing something about those extra calories, try to stay away from this Satan’s sweat. Try.

8. Water to the rescue, again

And here we are back with another water related trick, it’s so good it deserves another point of its own altogether – every time you have to take your meal, drink two big glasses of water. It will give you a sense of fullness and stop you from overeating.

9. To the kitchen, Matey!

If for some reason you are living off of on other people’s cooking, here is the right chance to reverse that and start to cook your own food.

That way you have all the control of the calories that are gonna go inside you on you and nobody else. Cook your own food with some or equal veggies, dress up some salad alongside, cut out the dessert.

If you eat out regularly, like cool people do, then do not be cool, there are consequences for that. Just stay lame and fit and healthy – treat yourself once in a while of course but don’t give in to peer pressure or situations.

10. There is no magic weight loss pill

Yeah we know, it sucks, but the divine has made it so that one has to be eligible for the good stuffs one wants!

Magic pills do nothing but empty your pockets while kicking you in the guts and flipping off your pet piranha while grabbing your favorite mug before running away.

Fun Fact: Our Vice President was once fooled by the magic pill

Venkaiah Naidu, our current Vice President, was tricked by these so called weight loss magic pills. He revealed that he had paid Rs 1000 for a weight loss tablet during a discussion on “Fake advertisements” in the Rajya Sabha.

11. Fasting or Intermittent fasting

Basically eat all you have allowed yourself to eat within a time frame and then select a much larger time frame where you don’t.

The approved ratios are like this, if you feel like doing this, then select any one of these –

(The first digits are for the time frame where you can eat, the latter is where you cannot)

  • 8:16
  • 4:20 (HA!)
  • 2:5
  • One whole day fast!

12. Don’t drink calories

Calories are calories, doesn’t matter if they are eaten or drunk. Unless you keep an eye on what you drink it can quickly sneak up on you. A large  serving of your favorite soda will do nothing to your hunger and will leave behind loads of calories. Think about it, when was the last time you skipped a meal because you drank to much juice?

13. Goal weight outfit

It’s like telling a child she can have a candy only when she finishes her homework. But in this case the child is you and the candy is smaller size outfit you buy to wear when you lose weight. It is a huge motivator and leaves you feeling invincible when you finally fit into it.

14. It is all about Calories and so they need to be counted

At the end, it boils down to the calories you consume. If the calories you consume are less that what is required to maintain your current weight you will lose those kilos.

In simple words: Weight loss = Calorie Intake < Calorie Used.

Now that we’ve told how important it is to know the calories you consume, it makes sense to count them, right? To do that head straight to your favorite app store and download a calorie tracker – we recommend MyFitnessPal.

Fun Fact: A 50g bar of Snickers Chocolate has the same calories as 1.55kgs (1550g) of Celery

Calories in a 50g bar of Snickers is 248 which is the same as in 1.55 kilograms of Celery.

This huge difference is because of Calorie Density. It is basically the number of calories in a volume of food. Some ‘heavy’ foods like butter, dairy, nuts pack more calories compared to ‘lighter’ foods like lettuce, watermelon etc.

Eating more of these ‘lighter’ foods will fill your stomach while giving you lesser calories. This is why it is advised to eat salads while losing weight.

15. Sometimes you will screw up and that’s okay

Even with all the knowledge and determination on you, know that sometimes you will make mistakes, you will let go of these plans, you will select what you want to eat instead what you have to, you will fail to follow this plan.. and that’s all okay.

Don’t beat yourself over it. Rather, accept it as a part of the process. When it happens write down your thoughts/feelings and revisit it when faced with the same challenges again.


As we said earlier, this is a lifestyle choice not a six months diploma course, a marathon not a 100 meter dash…you must go for the process to live in control instead of finding yourself with a flat stomach one month later.

Gradually your own body will tell you that you now have the power to do much more that just abstinence, all through with this love for the process.

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