18 Things to do When You Turn 18

To be 18 is a big deal, sure. In fact, it’s the last stop before you can be called an adult. This is an age when you’re old enough to join the adult world. And not just that, you’re legally allowed to do a few important things.

It is crucial that you incorporate good habits and make this a turning point in your life. Invest in your appearance, health, education and make a success of your life.

Here’s to you at 18!

1. Hit the road with your own driver’s license

At 18, you’re allowed to own a driver’s license. Learn to ride a two-wheeler or a small car, but don’t just stop there – get a license to show that legally. Most kids today think it’s cool to ride a bike without a license – It is not. A small incident could land you in lot of trouble.

Pro Tip: Learn basic vehicle maintenance and save thousands over the years

Extend your knowledge and learn how to maintain your vehicle. Learn to check tire pressure, change tires, replace air filters and much more. This is will save you thousands over the years from service companies.

2. Get yourself a bank account

You needn’t share a bank account with either of your parents anymore, you can have one all on your own. If you earn some money by doing odd jobs, put it all in here. Ask for a zero balance account, as at this stage to have one with minimum balance might topple things for you a bit.

Take things slowly. Steer clear of credit cards as it would be detrimental to your savings habit. And yes, remember to set up a UPI account.

3. Mark your national identity

As a young Indian citizen, you need to have essential documents to prove your identity for various purposes, going forward. So, why not be prepared for it? Enroll yourself for a Voter Card, PAN, Aadhar card and a Passport.

4. Take care of your body

How you treat your body now decides the quality of your life in the later years. Apart from hitting the gym or doing some kind of cardio exercises, you can also swim, dance or go cycling or hiking. These strenuous exercises will build you a strong heart and increase your longevity and quality of life.

5. Do not neglect mental health

A WHO study reported that nearly 5 crore people in India suffer from mental health issues. Alarming as that statistic might seem, it is rarely spoken about as compared to other diseases. If you suffer from depression, seek help immediately and let nobody discourage you.

6. Have yourself checked out by medical specialists

You needn’t go to a doctor only when something’s decidedly wrong with you, physically or mentally. But you can go to make sure all is well with you. So, get into a routine of seeing a medical specialist about twice a year. This way, if something is wrong inside you, you can catch it well in time.

7. Learn basic computer use

Computers are everywhere. You’ve got to know how to use them, and it is no longer optional. Excel in MS Word, Excel and learn to troubleshoot your computer. Also learn how to use the Internet securely and always use strong passwords for your online accounts.

Pro Tip: Raj_crazy4u@gmail.com is NOT a professional email id

Play it safe with firstname.lastname@gmail.com. Email id’s stick and it is much harder than you think to move to a different one.

8. If you get into a relationship, don’t talk marriage now

You’re just 18, remember. The world is just opening up for you. So, why do you want to take a huge step like marriage at this age? Keep it for later when you’re a little more grown-up, professionally stable and your emotions are within your control. Marriage is a huge responsibility, so don’t make rash decisions about it now.

9. Travel

You’re old enough to explore unknown worlds and perhaps want to. So, why not take just take the plunge and do it? Traveling is a lot of fun and help you figure out a lot of things about yourself. Traveling is what most people regret not doing in the younger years – don’t be one of them.

10. Make friends

Make as many friends as you can now, as when you grow older, you might find it difficult to do so. Join associations and clubs based on your interests and meet people. If you like hiking, trekking and adventure sports, join a club that does these things. Or, how about sports, drama or elocution? Get into whatever society makes you happy and see how a new world opens up for you.

11. Can you cook?

These days, this role isn’t confined to women. More and more, men are taking to the kitchen and whipping up something delicious as and when they can. You may not do daily cooking, but knowing a little can help you’re out alone.

12. What’s your passion?

At this age you’ve got to find your calling, you can’t be someone without interests. Having trouble? Try traveling alone and be with yourself for a few days. Let your passion guide you towards developing your personality and making you the kind of person you want to be.

13. Adopt good personal habits

Though this may sound preachy, but it’s well worth underlining that you should use this time of your life to invest in yourself—read good books, keep good company, follow good habits and more of the same. Avoid even trying out things like drugs and if you drink do it in moderation. Keep an eye on your diet and exercise at least 5-6 days a week.

Fact: Just one soft drink a day could increase your risk of cancer

Keep off soft drinks because a sustained habit of this could make you obese and this opens the doors to a multitude of ailments. In fact, a study pointed out that even one sugary drink per day can increase your chances of developing obesity-related cancers.

14. Family matters. Do you know yours?

Perhaps, you don’t know your entire family, especially those who live in other cities. Reach out to them, get to know them and bring your family closer to each other. Enjoy each other’s company and get together to stay united and happy, no matter how busy.

15. Volunteer

If something in society irks you or you develop an opinion about it and want to change some things, join an organization that deals with it. Volunteer your services and see how, over time, your own personality and way of thinking change. It’s also a big plus to have this on your C.V. as colleges and companies value such training.

16. De-clutter

Get rid of things you don’t need; go minimal. You don’t need to have a lot of friends, keep the ones who really matter to you. Reduce time you spend on social media. Spend time with your thoughts and develop your own opinion.

17. Maintain a journal

As you grow and develop in your 18th year, fanning out to people, developing good friends, habits and routines, it would be good to pen your journey to find yourself and grow into a new and unique individual.

18. Soft skills to the rescue

Soft skills begin where your technical skills end. Soft skills are the things like small talk, social skills and effective communication. Schools and Colleges today pride on providing the best technical education but don’t bother with the soft skills that are equally important.


Being 18 can be absolutely wonderful, or it can pass you by. It all depends on your attitude to life and the best you want to make of it.

Happy 18th birthday!

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